Ingenuousness is rare 难得糊涂

Many years back, throughout my 紫微斗书 ziwei doushu studies under my late Shifu Yap, she would love to send a verse or two to me suddenly. And later, when we discussed Destiny, it would form part of the life lesson in my journey. Remembering one of the verses from the era of the Qing Dynasty that she sent to me when we discussed the anxiety, intelligence and leaders chart. Below is the first part,



放一著,退一步,当下安心。~ 鄭板橋

Ingenuousness is rare

It is hard to be wise, is even harder to be ingenuous, 

and it is hardest from being shrewd to simplicity. 

Let it go, take a step back and free yourself! ~ Zheng Ban Qiao

In 天 Destiny, apart from knowing your path to drive your life more smoothly, our success or failure is not only dependent on intelligence but a mixture of different things in our life that we need to pay attention to. The  mind, our (heart) intentions, people around us and  our environment is bind together to make a 命 life! Sep 2021