Feng Shui vs Interior Design 风水与设计

Through many of my consults, a common perspective and impression of people are that, Feng Shui Master and ID or Architect always seems to have an issue. That has never been an issue in my years of working together with an ID or Arch.
If Feng Shui is the beating heart, Interior Design is the body that houses it. Although these two are known to bump heads, they should learn to work together. They overlap, so a bit of advance coordination can result in a more satisfied customer and a better-looking end result. The overall design and energy of all living spaces have a deep impact on your energy, subconsciousness and behavior. And as several studies have indicated, and as we all know by now, the environment has a very positive effect on one’s mood and mindset. Enclosing yourself in four walls without any consideration of this means depriving yourself of clean air, positive emotions and well-being.
Feng Shui system can be blended with Interior Design to achieve the most aesthetic Feng Shui fo…

Zi Wei Dou Shu Accuracy 紫薇算命

22/10 Although today is just an ordinary day, someone was recommended to come & see me. He waited till I finished my police duty past midnight. He was at the verge of suicide. bankruptcy, children hospitalized and heading to a divorce. Lost of hope and nothing to look forward to. He was shocked as I revealed his zi wei dou shu chart of his past & current happenings. After that, I showed him his path ahead! And I’m happy for him as he can finally understand & see a light at the end of the tunnel. My sifu once said, ‘Helping one person may not change the world, but it could change the world for one person’
By Ray Goh

風水 Feng Shui Quotes

Feng Shui is about the calibration of energy around us ~raygoh

2017 DING YIN TONG JI JU 丁阴同机巨

This 2017 丁酉‘ding you’ year most nations will likely be in decline. Are all the countries going to have the same fate? Definitely not, as our globe are still circling and the 24 directions will have favorable directions too. But only landform masters and experts can see it clearly. In the world, how can you differentiate between your 吉凶 lucky or non-favourable positions? Apart from the experts there are also the wise ones that can tell. But all this wise sages are almost like the dinosaurs either disappeared or extinct. So what is left to control and affect is our Destiny 命‘ming’ and Fate 云‘yun’. If your luck cycle is good, even during the economy decline you are least affected and will still have gains.So is better to know your own chart to determine the good and bad cycle so that you can decrease your risk or to plan your path.
This year 2017 ding you year, the ‘tai yin hua lu’ is a direct wealth star. The money comes from direct type of careers and savings so it is good for people …


Again we have come to 2016 丙申 'Bing Shen' new year to repeat the yearly predictions. The urge for us not to write is presence this year as everyone’s chart is different and the combinations can have thousands of combinations and changes. This simple description of 2 stars having 化禄 ‘hua lu’ transforming to prosper and 化忌 ‘hua ji’ transforming to restrain, both indication is not detail enough for a destiny reading that can assist in life planning or decision making. So let this short article serve as a general reference only.

This ‘bing’ year where天同化禄 ‘Tian tong’ will be having ‘hua lu’. ‘Tian Tong’ is a soft and gentle star, and it doesn’t represent wealth. This star becomes even more relax and lazy when it turns ‘hua lu’. Zi Wei Dou Shu has 2 sets of major combinations, consisting of 机月同梁‘ji yue tong liang’ and 杀破狼‘sha po lang’. When the 三方四正 triangular and square palace meets with ‘ji yue tong liang’ then your 六亲 ‘liu qin’ (parent, spouse, sibling and children) and health p…

China History in a Cookie 刘伯温燒餅歌 !!

There’s a legendary prophecy in Malaysia that the presidency is according to the alphabetical order 'RAHMAN' and that's why 'N' will be the last. And some even say that there will be big changes coming. As ‘R’ is for Rahman, ‘A’ is for Abdul Razak, ‘H’ is Hussein Onn, ‘M’ is for Mahathir, ‘A’ is initially thought to be Anwar but came Abdullah and now ‘N’ is for Najib. But there were no extra words coming out from this legend anymore. Is it true or shall it be taken lightly? By thinking about the current situation and country luck cycle, leads me to recall a famous Imperial Astrologer 刘伯温 ‘Liu Bo Wen’ from the Ming Dynasty of China and his very famous Cookie Song 燒餅歌 'shao bing ge’. It all began from a piece of cookie. True or not this excerpt is being translated from Liu Bo Wen’s book and it is recorded in the history of China. His entire book prophecies, describe how the Ming Dynasty era of fate and happenings. In China’s history, the last few dynasties in acc…

2015 YI JI LIANG ZI YIN 乙机梁紫阴


 We have just passed the 12th  month 十二月 of year 2014 in the 农历 "nong li" lunar calendar, seems like just yesterday. Looking at the past year there was a lot of foreign and people related problems and disputes. Destiny reading is only targeted on personal level and never on a national level so all the influences from the stars in the chart can only affect us. In Zi Wei Dou Shu System there are 机月同梁“Ji Yue Tong Liang” and 杀破狼 “Sha Po Lang” category of star chart classification groups. 

In this Year 2015 乙未年“yi wei nian” of the main direct wealth star is being inflicted by 化忌 “hua ji”. The Tai yin star wealth attributes comes from direct, straight or professional category like business, career, professional or corporate. Tai yin star represents long term and continuous so it is classified as 正财“zheng cai” direct wealth. In this world around half the people may have thiscombination of having “tai yin” in their own palace or 三方四正  “san fang shi zheng” tria…

Doll changing physiognomy 娃娃相由心生

This famous Japanese doll called 巿松人形 “ichimatsu ningyou” was a present from a Japanese good friend to Master Yap. Sharing this real story and hoping my friends that go to Japan will be careful when buying this type of dolls. Master Yap said, “The ichimatsu dolls was kept for a long time before it was being displayed, till I bought a new apartment. To have an aesthetic interior this doll was then being placed as a decorative piece. In mid of the year 2013, I was sleeping there for two nights. In the middle of the night I heard some noise similar to sound of rattling chain at night that woke me up. The next night around the same time of 3am, I heard the same noise again and it is even more intense, followed by a sound of a cup lid dropping to the floor. I thought it might probably have been blown off by the fan. It never came to my sense that it was anything to do with any spiritual presence. I don’t usually sleep there as it was for my convenience sake of having a nearer place to rest…