Feng Shui Tips for Moving Home

In our life, we may move home once or multiple times for marriage, growth, divorce, career, migration, changes, or various reasons. It is important to note that it is a vital step in our life as many things can happen during a transition of our homes or the place we live.

Have you ever noticed that happenings like fights, death, sickness, accidents or windfall after moving home? Issues like the death of the elderly, children getting sick, couples having disputes, financial difficulties, spiritual disturbance, and increased stress or health issues can have a significant impact. The elderly people or the young ones in the house are more prone to be affected by the inflicting of the energies. In records, many unexpected things had occurred after someone moved their residences. Even prosperity, windfall or romances can also be brought upon by the changes in the place where one resides.

The use of San Yuan Feng Shui dates back a few thousand years since the Han Dynasty. History recorded that Feng Shui is used based on landforms "Luan Tou" and controlled in the formation "Li Qi" of a piece of property or land in the most traditional and authentic methods. It never mixes with any Bazi, Destiny, Spiritual, or Divination methods. Although they are interconnected and shares similar foundations in metaphysics, it is always independent of each other as Feng Shui has its own accurate predictive and foretelling methods. Feng Shui deals with energy generated from the land and nature. And house and place we reside in are affected by these energies, which affect people. In the metaphysics world, life is connected by Heaven, Man and Earth. Heaven refers to what is written in our charts at birth, and Man refers to our thoughts and behaviour. Earth is depicted as our environment and, of course, is the Feng Shui or land energies that affect us.

How do we then ensure that we can properly utilise the land energies or Feng Shui to optimise our opportunities and eradicate or minimise problems? There are five steps in Feng Shui that we need to take into consideration in the process of moving our homes.


Briefing involves matching the Destiny of the occupants to the property. Understanding the occupant's details, charts, capability, and preferences to formulate a searching criterion and the right mindset in the search process. It is not merely as simple as getting the right personal direction, having a mountain in the rear, or avoiding the T-Junction. Briefing the buyer ahead will lessen the hassle and trouble in the tedious search process.


Finding the right property and then matching it to the occupants is fundamental to achieving the right Feng Shui combination or land energy utilisation. When a modification is required, it will have a lot of restrictions, and it affects comfortability. Therefore it is more important to find the right one from the start rather than rectifying it when given a choice.


The initial process involves matching the interior and exterior to the landforms in the Feng Shui formation. Ensuring the landforms, roads, doors, beds, stoves, rooms, fire, and water are correctly positioned and match the incoming and outgoing energy. Correct construction and setting-in before completion are essential. And finally, the implementation of the move-in procedures and cleansing before the actual day.


A Date must be selected based on matching occupants, feng shui and timing. Timing is where the Tian Di Ren interacts and combines to form the Feng Shui formation of that house. And it is on this day and time that the move-in procedures are completed.

Post Mortem

After moving in and completing all the procedures, the observation and monitoring period is often deemed necessary to ensure the long-term stability of the Feng Shui formation. Many mistakes and problems in the contractual works pre or after moving can occur, which were missed or unnoticed.  Yearly inflictions, external changes, or even land energy changes might cause problems later. Re-diagnosis and evaluation need to be redone to quickly rectify.

Feng Shui projects require multiple visits and checkings to ensure success. Careful implementations, timing and eye for detail become a heavy responsibility that lies on the shoulder of a genuine and experienced Feng Shui Master or practitioner. June 2022

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