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·  Knowledge

·  Lineage

·  Open mind

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The ultimate purpose we equipped ourselves with Feng Shui and Destiny Reading Skills is to further enhance our life journey planning. And making sure that we can understand, manage our life and better handle people and situation around us for better opportunities.

Tips for becoming a Destiny Master

Every time you practice, ask yourself:

Q: Do you have enough experience?

A: Have you learned and researched enough? Is your foundation in metaphysics well established by your teacher? Have you tried and validated things you learned or just studied the theories. All good masters always experiment and put in many years of training to gain experience before becoming a consultant, to avoid situations where your clients pay you and become your guinea pig.

Q: Do you restrict yourself from learning?

A: Have you learned enough from multiple sources and teachers to widen your knowledge? Never restrict yourself from learning as all great masters learnt from many teachers and resources. If someone ever tells you or stops you from learning, they are either incompetent or unconfident.

Q: Do you learn from good sources?

A: Do you validate your sources of knowledge? Does your teacher come from genuine lineage, have good experience and are genuine? Is your teacher supportive and consistent? Having a teacher that can guide you to attain and breakthrough in your mindset is critical in your journey of becoming a practitioner.

Q: Are you open-minded?

A: Do you have a mindset or have a particular opinion when you learn? Good practitioners are open to learning from various knowledge and will only formulate their own techniques and preference as they mature their skills.

Q: Are you honest?

A: Do you deceive yourself and the person you consult? Are you honest enough to validate? Are you a charlatan? Have you been taught the rules and regulations of a practitioner and consultant?



A genuine and experienced (CAFS) school established here by Master Francis Leyau and Master Yap in the 1980s producing Masters in Feng Shui and Destiny Reading.

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