Destiny Metaphysics Young Masters Course

Young Master's Class for Destiny and Metaphysics Course

This Chinese Metaphysics Destiny course reveals who you really are. Discover your personality type, strengths, and areas to improve and better understand others when choosing a career and planning your path. This system was developed over centuries in China, and the imperial palaces and successful people regularly used it. 

It is used in HR to align the right people with organisational goals and ensure optimum planning. It is designed to help you tap into someone's true potential so that you can learn how to manage better, motivate, and engage everyone for the long term and how to deal with situations where interpersonal relationships are involved. Identifying information such as a person's strengths and present limitations, their communication style, their value to the organisation, what motivates them, and identifying their basic fears is invaluable in enabling better people decisions. Learn what drives, inspires, and worries different personality types, helping you build more meaningful relationships. Understand your team better. It provides valuable insights into a person's performance beyond their skills and experience.  

Profiling is a technique that rulers and leaders use to identify the key to people management. It's also the process of developing a team profile based on the strength, which can be used to determine your team's potential. Studying profiling can be beneficial for various reasons, advancing our understanding of people's behaviour and aiding HRM efforts. Our Certificate of Profiling course provides an in-depth introduction to profiling, offering insights into why people react in specific ways and their thought patterns.

This system has been used extensively over many dynasties to ensure validity and reliability. Most of our users describe their results as both accurate and insightful. Deepen your understanding of yourself and others.

What this course can help you?

  • To FIND good Partner
  • To IMPROVE your relationships with people
  • To PROFILE the right employees & PEOPLE

Why Ziwei Bazi Academy?

  • Proven & Established for many years
  • Teaches the Traditional style & methods
  • Knowledgeable and very experienced teachers
  • Builds good foundation in Chinese Metaphysics
  • Accurate and Practical in application

Build a strong foundation in Chinese Metaphysics for Feng Shui, Bazi, Ziweidoushu and the influential Five Arts of Chinese ancient Knowledge. Understand the real essence and what is genuine Metaphysics rather than superstition, and debunk all wrong or commonly misinterpreted information. Equip yourself with Metaphysics' Destiny, learn how to read people, self-chart, and accurately plan your Destiny! It calculates a person's Year, Month, Date, and Time of Birth to allocate their Stars into different 'Palaces' of the birth Chart'. By reading past data systematically, one can tell a person's Destiny, pattern, or path. It also helps to analyse relationships, health, careers, talents, opportunities and problems. This course was outlined by his masters in the '80s and refined in the '90s, and Master Ray was appointed to continue teaching and imparting his knowledge and experience to his students.

Course Details:

Young Master's (FMD) Foundation Metaphysics Destiny 

Duration            : Three (3) days

Skill Set            : Metaphysics & Behaviour Profiling Certification

Venue                ZIWEIBAZI Academy Cheras

Tel                     : +6012 - 216 9249 (Jade)

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"In Metaphysics, Destiny and 

Feng Shui, a solid foundation 

is the key to reaching great 

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