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Feng Shui Qi & Ziwei Bazi (紫微八字) Changes In The Metaverse Era

We have been reading a lot about the upcoming digital era in the past decades.  Is “High Tech Feng Shui” a reality or a fad term? Do you know the impact of such association and changes onto the Metaphysics, Feng Shui, Divination, and Ziwei Bazi Destiny system?  Will the transformation affect the accuracy and practices?  With the emergence of cloud, AI, NFT, Genomics, and blockchain, can these innovations, digital gadgets and equipment replace the traditional tools and consultation? Can environmental energy or land Qi change, what affects it, and what can be done? Can the theory and methods founded more than 1000 years ago be applicable in this millennium of quantum exponential age?  By knowing this, we can then understand the principle of “Destiny decodes our path; we determine our rides to sync the fate of Heaven, Man, and Earth”! ~ Ray Goh